Autism Positivism

Let them think what they want to think. I know that there are so many people with autism out there being awesome that we will spread the message around that autism isn’t all bad.  As for the naysayers, my hope is that the awesomeness will overtake their negativity.


I read this blog a couple of days ago, it really made me think about the positive side of autism.  I made it so far to be where I’m at today!  Yes, there were lots of ups and downs with my autism, but all in all, I always tell myself to never give up, be the strongest person you are, and keep moving.  Forget the negative side on autism, such as the symptoms, etc…  Think positive!  Think about yourself and how far you became a great human being.

I am very thankful every single day that I am high-functioning, not non-verbal.  If I was non-verbal, I would never be sitting behind a keyboard telling you about my experience with autism.  Most of the time, I do my very best to think positive about myself and what I have become!

I met a few people who are on the spectrum.  2 of them I met in person and the 2 others on the internet.  I was amazed by how these people are awesome and they do great things in their lives, despite of autism.  They made me think that if they can do it, I can too!  Without meeting these people, I don’t think I would never have the encouragement to think like that!

That is why I started this blog is because I want to show anyone whom is on the Autism Spectrum that there is positivity in us for our accomplishment!  Let everyone talk negative about autism!  All that matters is be the person you want to be and be whatever you want to be!

All I can say from Lydia’s blog is stay awesome, guys!

I’ll catch yinz later!

Lydia’s Blog


Autistic Speaks

I got back late Sunday night (as in 4 AM) from my trip to visit one of my closest friends for her 21st birthday.  She also has autism, and so do most of her friends.  Her party took place at a pottery studio where we painted our own pottery.  Not typical for a 21st birthday party, but, in my opinion, it’s also totally awesome.  I got to meet her friends, and I’m not even kidding that I wanted to take them all home with me!  These guys and girls were all late teens or young adults and were also the sweetest, kindest, most genuine group of “kids” I’ve ever met.  I have never been that comfortable in a group before.  No anxiety!  That’s saying a lot!

I’m in a tough place, autism-wise.  It’s hard to tell that I have it, right away.  I have odd voice intonation, I get stuck…

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