I Am With Shea!

Special Needs girl being tormented by bullies

When I first heard of this story last week, I was appalled that those kids were bullying their fellow student via text messages making fun of her mental condition. The girl is 18, but has a mind of an 8 year old due to some kind brain injury she had at birth. Those bullies made fun of her by saying things like, “you’re ugly!” “No one likes you!” “Go kill yourself!” And so on and so forth. I feel horrible for this poor girl because it kinda hit home for me.

Back when I younger, I got bullied and ridiculed due to my communication difficulties, but it wasn’t to the extreme. I got called some terrible names, such as “retard”, “stupid”, etc… It was a terrible time growing up with autism.

If I want to say anything to those bullies who wrote these horrible messages, I would say what in the hell were you kids thinking!? Does this young girl had suffer enough? Not only this suffering, but her mother is suffering from this! Her mother had to go sit with her at lunch so they won’t attack her daughter! I don’t know what it is like to be a parent who has a child with special needs, but it’s a terrible to have your child getting ridicule by his/her peers and you do not know what to do.

To Shea (18 year old): You are beautiful inside and out! Don’t let these brats get to you! The only thing you can do is be your beautiful self! You are worth something in your life. Stay strong, girl! We all have faith in you!

To the parents out there: Please monitor your children cell phone activity so this doesn’t happen like this again!


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